Sunday, March 17, 2013

dr. J.V. Toups: JS-as-Lisp, pattern matching, Gazelle

Over the past few months dr. Vincent Toups has been blogging about his release of a new Javascript-as-a-Lisp called Gazelle. It caught my attention and I decided to drop him a line and see if he would agree to an interview. He did.

We talked about Gazelle, Lisp in general, pattern matching, the French start-up that he is working for called Agri-Esprit (they have a position open for a full-time CL developer!) and programming in general.

Vincent said very insightful things on the subject of Lisp and programming in general. He says some pretty controversial things and knows how to back them up; it is a great listen, even with the bad audio quality. Vincent shares interesting views that you will not want to miss and all of that in such a soothing baritone you just have to download it now:

Hraban's interview with J. V. Toups (MP3)

Update: Kyndylan's laptop short-circuited 1 minute into the interview and the entire room smells like bad Indian food now. Listen at own risk.

(or try OGG/Vorbis)

References from the interview: